Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Your Doings

I love it when real life affords a lesson in character for the Blossoms.  One of the Bantam hens was missing when we arrived home from church today.  Being that a neighbor's dog has been caught harassing our MicroFlock three times, our thoughts immediately turned that direction when "Duchess" did not immediately appear.  She was later found in the garden.  (Grrr.)

Over our hot sausage and coleslaw at the dinner table, we turned this into a valuable lesson.  If you do something a few times, it may very well be the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of you. 

If a Blossom is caught shirking work because she was reading, then, when she does not immediately show up for after-supper duty, what's a mama to think?  She must be reading, right? 

Nobody likes to be judged.  Nobody likes it when other assume things about us.  Sometimes those things are justified though.  It's a reputation we've created because "even a child is known by his doings..."

We're trying to teach the Blossoms that if you habitually work hard and obey immediately, that's what we'll assume you're doing.  And vice versa.  You choose.  What doings will you be known for?