Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Where Have We Been?

Hello friends,

Can you guess where we've been lately?

The Girls LOVED Niagara Falls, Canada!  I am so glad we took a break from our travels here.

And yes, we all wore orange shirts.  You'll remember them from other playdate days. 

Honestly, we stood out in a crowd, but it made things SO. MUCH. EASIER.  At the ritzy brick over pizza joint with the floor to ceiling open windows and delicious Niagara breezes, our waiter asked us if we were Dutch.  Apparently the Dutch soccer team wears bright orange.  In any case, the orange helped us to keep up with long strides of the Rugged Mountain Man AND enjoy ourselves as we travelled through the crowds of other sight-seers.  That means a whole lot to me - peace of mind and a good time.

 It was simply awe-inspiring.  The power of water reminded me of the amazing power of God.

When I saw the Grand Canyon as a girl, it left such an impression on my mind because of its grandeur and sheer inability to be described.  (If you've not been there, I'm sorry to say that you don't understand.  Pictures fail the Canyon.  Just go.)

The Grand Canyon, the Sequoias, Niagara Falls ~ these are the things that impact children; the things that speak profoundly of the Almighty God.  When little Blossoms have blossomed, at some vital moment in their lives, Niagara Falls will come to mind and they'll say, 
"I have seen the power of God.  I know what His hand is capable of.  You cannot unconvince me."

As we travelled over the Rainbow Bridge and through Niagara Falls, New York with the Falls long gone from view, I glanced backward and saw a huge cloud of mist rising above it.  Yet another sign of the power of this beautiful landmark.