Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blossoms' Update

Baby Blossom (just about 10 mos old):
Favorite Activity - Gleefully pulling books off of bookshelves and paper plates out of the cupboard.
Most Recent Quotable Quote - "Growl.... grOWL!" (When told that a lion says, "ROAR!")
Latest Accomplishment - Balancing while standing up and holding on to nothing!

Blossom3 (4 yrs old):
Favorite Activity - Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles!!!  That, and any other special activity Mommy plans for her.  A sink full of blue water and some plastic animals was a big hit.  The kitchen sink brimming with snow, along with some scoops and measuring cups went over pretty well too.
Most Recent Quotable Quote - "But Mamma, TOR (four) is a BIG age!"
Latest Accomplishment -Discovering that snow turns into water!!!  (She loves sharing her newfound knowledge.)

Blossom2 (6 yrs old):
Favorite Activity - Disappearing into her bedroom to line up all the castle stuff and imagine stories.
Most Recent Quotable Quote - While observing Olympic pair skaters doing a lift, she stated, "That's looks TERRIFYING... actually, it's looks terrifying and FUN!"
Latest Accomplishment - Picking up Borrowing and Carrying as if she was born knowing about math!

Blossom1 (8 yrs old):
Favorite Activity: Disappearing into the dining room corner nook to read.  And, organizing her sisters to play as she directs...
Most Recent Quotable Quote: "Here Blossom2, you go down first." (When faced with the very, very, very large State Park sledding hill.)
Latest Accomplishment - Playing Beethoven from her Auntie's old piano book.  Skiing in the yard with Mommy's cross-country skis.  (It's not likely that Mommy gets to use them right now.)