Thursday, February 27, 2014

Everybody's Got a Broom

I think I've already told you about our new Family Game Nights on most Friday evenings.  The girls just love it.  In fact, yesterday, at the dinner table, Blossom3 piped up excitedly, "Oh, is tonight family game night???" 

"No Honey, it's only WEDNESDAY."  :)

They love the silly games and fun food.  However, the other day I hadn't quite prepared enough games, which is to say that I didn't take my normal five minutes on Pinterest to come up with a few more crazy ideas.  They were clamoring for more games...

"What are we playing after this cotton ball race, Mommy?"

And there I was, cool as a cucumber (outwardly), racking my brain for something easy, fun AND with supplies we've already got in the house, all the while, trying to concentrate on blowing my cotton ball across the kitchen floor so Blossom2, Blossom3 and I can beat Daddy's team.

"A BROOM!  Everybody's got a broom!  We can play LIMBO." 

Oh man.  The giggles.  The wiggles.  The silliness.  I think I got the Mom of the Century award for coming up with that one. 

And we played it again last night.  Just for fun.  Just while we were all chilling in the living room at the end of the day. 

Just try it.  The laughs together are totally worth it.