Monday, February 17, 2014

Getting Out - Fireside

Fresh air.  It just isn't as easy to come by in the winter as at other times of year.  I start to feel like some sort of slimy slug if I don't get out.  While the "bigs" and 1 "little" can get out without me, what can poor little Baby Blossom do in the snow?  Certainly not crawl.  (think face plant)  Sit in a stroller?  (Maybe if I could train Jake to pull it!)  But really, the snow's too deep for that... that leaves Mama holding her.  And, as I was trudging down to our woods through about a foot of snow, holding my snow bunny, I thought, "Whose idea was this?"  (Ironically, it was mine and Daddy's.)

Then, I got down there and got busy helping to gather wood, get a fire started and enjoy the winter scenery, and I was at the opposite end of the spectrum.  Oh, being in the woods... getting a fresh perspective.  Breathing clean air.  Being woodsy.  Listening to the Blossoms' thoughts.  Working side-by-side with Daddy.  Making memories together.  Sipping delicious hot cocoa fireside. 


PS - I lugged a walker down there and plunked Baby Blossom into it.  She LOVED observing the activities.  A sip or two of hot chocolate didn't hurt either.