Monday, June 23, 2014


The older I get, the more I realize that this earth, just isn't home.  It isn't Heaven.  Heaven's where things are perfect.  Heaven's where all is right.  Heaven's where peace reigns.  Heaven's where there aren't any tears.  Heaven's where there isn't any pain.  I remember something our Dean said back in my Bible school days.  "The Earth groans and travails.  It's all off-kilter."  It's true.  Everything's been out of sync since that day in the Garden of Eden.  When the Second Adam, Jesus Christ, came, He fixed salvation for us, but the rest of the mess from the fall of man, is yet to be fixed.  And that's what we have to look forward to. 

My cousin died tragically last week at the age of sixteen.  A nice young man.  Funny.  Kind.  Generous.  Helpful.  Sweet.  Happy.

In tragedies, we all grasp at why.  Why Brent?  Why not the scumbag down the street?  Why? 

Mostly, people grasp for the answers til the heartache isn't so stifling and it doesn't require thought to simply breathe the next breath anymore.  Passing time eases the pain, but it doesn't answer why.

Losing a baby in the womb is a different kind of tragedy from losing your 16 year old son, but before my cousin Brent died, that was my only frame of reference with tragedy.  This thought comforts me.

People get what they truly deserve in Eternity. 

The Godly are rewarded in Eternity, whether they were taken early or late from this Earth.
The ungodly finally receive the punishment they deserve.

God is still a just god.  Tragedy makes me remember more and more the temporary, imperfect place that this Earth is.  And, I look forward to Heaven, where wrong will be made right.

I do hope to see Brent again.  May the Lord comfort our family.