Friday, January 9, 2015

Buy Liberty's Kids!

A while back, Abbie, from M is for Mama, recommended a DVD series called, "Liberty's Kids." 

She also just so happened to mention that the ENTIRE 40 episodes could be found on Amazon for only $5.00.  "Edutainment" is my go-to for when the kiddos are too sick to concentrate on schoolwork, but still healthy enough to soak in some educational information from the couch.  I also love "edutainment" for those rare times when Mommy feels like she's gonna crash and needs a serious insta-break.  In any case, I snatched it up for the girlies for Christmas.  I wanted to buy one for everyone under the age of 10 that I know (I love a good deal), but I restrained myself since I hadn't actually seen them. 

Now, it's post-Christmas and we are steadily working our way through the episodes. 

And, we love them.

Even Mommy and Daddy love them. 

The Blossoms beg for an episode.  It's decent animation, great voicing and terrific content.  It isn't Disney Pixar.  I won't lie, but I've never been the person that cared more for the movie quality and production than I did for the movie content.  Still, the quality is good and the content is terrific.  Plus, the price is right. 

Just thought I'd share.  I'm really glad I purchased them and thought you might like to know. 

(This is NOT an affiliate link.  Amazon doesn't have me on their payroll.  I just think that Mamas have to share their secrets to help each other out!)