Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Farm Show

The Farm Show!

With the Rugged Mountain Man!!!
(His and hers pick-me-ups!)

Apparently we all need a little more potassium in our life!  (He couldn't believe I was taking a pic of this truck, but it just made me laugh!  I must have a strange sense of humor.)

Just watchin' the different divisions of the Draft Horses Competition.  Daddy got a kick out of the team pulling the antique hearse. 

Is it wrong that my mouth watered when we were in the turkey aisle?  Blossom2 thought it was pretty nifty when this turkey started to strut. 

Daddy is doing his turkey call.  It must've been working! 

Gotta love Blossom3's Dairymen's hat!  The Milk Shake stand furnished them.  Mommy was thrilled to have a great milkshake.  (Food is a major drawing card to the Farm Show...  May I recommend the Potato Donuts?)

We found the spinning to be so intriguing!  The Rugged Mountain Man wants me to spin so I can make some real wool yarn for clothes for him.  Maybe someday when I don't have so many "Littles." 

Blossom4 enjoyed the corn box.  Actually all the girlies did.  It was a good way to unwind from the crowds. 

Check out the hand-dug canoe.  We met up with some friends of ours at this stand and decided that since we've got seven children between our two families, surely we have enough child labor to make one of these ourselves.  That'd be a terrific educational project!

Ahhhh, I love chatting with my husband on the way home. 

Can I just say what a delight it was to stroll through the complex with my family.  The Blossoms listened and stayed close.  They never complained and were very interested in the things we saw.  Not every outing goes well; I get that.  However, we've invested so much time day after day in obedience and training.  It's a real pleasure when we can do something like this as a family and reap the rewards of it.  Thank the Lord!