Monday, January 12, 2015

Friday Fun

I love when Daddy has a day off!  He surprised us by taking us out to a favorite local restaurant.  It's a charming log building with vaulted ceiling punctuated with a 20+ foot Christmas tree.  The tree is such a drawing card that the restaurant staff (some who have worked their 20+ years and remember us each time we come in) leave it up well into February. 

I LOVED the crocheted ornaments this year. 

And the branches of berries...

And the cardinals...  it was  Another year when a local Little League team made it to the Little League World series, it was a Blue and White tree with the team members' pics on all the ornaments.  Cute and very local-esque.  I liked it, but this year was tops. 

We downed several slices of French toast, pancakes, Eggs Benedict, toast, eggs, home fries and a slice of Coconut Cream pie (ahem, that could've been me... I discovered that I'm about the only one who likes it.  I made a mental note to order it more often, as I had my pie all to myself.)  This family knows how to EAT and most of the Blossoms were nominated for a spot in Mommy's Clean Plate Club!

The people make this restaurant special, since it's the kind of restaurant where the waitress helps you cut up your children's food (if she isn't busy at the moment.)  No wonder it's a family favorite!

Blossom4 noticed the bear skin rug at the top and announced BEAR!!!!  :) 
I can't believe she noticed it peeking out from behind the tree.

I thought the hand-carved eagle was stunning!  (Aside from clinging to our guns and religion in this area, we also cling to our patriotism evidently.)

It was an enjoyable meal.  I was savoring the moments with our children.  The snow was falling outside... the wind blowing and the fire crackling indoors.  So much ambiance and so many blessings to go with it.  It makes for a good round of warm fuzzy feelings.  We want the girlies to be thankful for being able to go out to eat, being able to spend time with their family.  It's a privilege and another little blessing.