Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Clean Sooner

I clean before things look horrendous.  The bathrooms don't look horrific when it comes to cleaning time on Thursdays.  However, I can clean them a lot quicker.  During the times when my chores have had to wait a few extra days or an extra week (usually on account of sickness in the house or a new baby or something), I have found that I then have to spend WAY more time on those chores.  When I've skipped a week mopping, I've promised myself that I wouldn't do that again any time soon.  It was awful having to scrub so hard!  So, save time, and clean sooner!!!  Keeping most things on a weekly rotation saves time in the long run and then you rarely have to see that awful buildup of weeks' worth of crud.  Maybe you'll find you don't hate it so much.  And, maybe you'll find you can squeeze it in those smaller windows of time that we Mommies seem to have.