Monday, January 7, 2013

Practical Help

Here's the practical side of how I keep my house tidy.  Remember that post on rotations?  I use the same concept on cleaning.  I created this rotation when Skeeter (#1) was only approximately 6 mos. old.  I found that my thinking went like this, "Oh the house is clean."  I thought this for several days.  Then, suddenly EVERYTHING needed to be cleaned on the same day.  And, it all looked terrible.  I'd rather do a little every day and have the house basically tidy all week.  Then, drop-in visitors don't create panic and embarrassment and my family has a nice place to live. 

M - Tidy couches (we have pets), Wash Fingerprinted Windows, Clean Microwave, Generally Tidy up from Weekend
Tu - Quick Mop Kitchen, Vacuum Whole House, Pull Down Cobwebs
W - Dust House
Th - Clean All Bathrooms
F - Full Mop Kitchen and Bathroom, Vacuum Whole House

Every morning, I tidy up the kitchen (meaning any additional dishes, sweep floor, etc).  I do at least one load of wash every day.  We tidy up toys (we call it quick-clean) before lunch, before supper and before bed, so that keeps the toys under control.  I rarely go to bed without completing the chores for the day.  The house is manageable this way.  I can plan around my rotation.  For example, Wednesday is my easiest day so I tend to make plans more often on Wednesdays.  Mondays are catch-up day from the weekend.  And, this rotation rarely changes so I typed the above from memory.  I know what is expected and the house benefits, as does my family.