Monday, February 18, 2013

Learn to wait or figure it out

#4 - Learn to wait or figure it out.
If no one is hurt or about to get hurt or lost, it will wait.  This is a part of learning patience.  I'm sure this will be challenging as we re-implement the rules.  Your question can wait.  Either figure it out on your own (the older ones usually can) or find something productive to do in the meantime.  Keep in mind, I'm writing from the perspective of a mother of a 7yr old, 5yr old and 3yr old.  It's a little different if you've got an infant or toddler.  You may have to be prepared with the exersaucer or pack n play or high chair with special toys or snacks.  The "Be Prepared" motto fixes almost any motherhood problem scenario.  If we plan, we can usually at least make things easier on ourselves and them.  So, plan, plan, plan! 

So, those are my thoughts on phone etiquette.  I must teach them etiquette so that I can properly exercise etiquette to those that talk to me on the phone.  It's a domino effect.  I want them to know that their rudeness affects others.  There's another good principle!