Friday, February 22, 2013

To be or not to be...

a Diva, that is.  I'm not what you might call a diva.  I never have been.  Frankly, I've always considered myself of the Plain Jane variety, but not in a bad way.  "Plain Jane" says to me - sensible, ordinary, level-headed, balanced, pretty without being Hollywood-ish.  So, this "Plain Jane" term holds no negative connotations for me.  The definition for diva is actually, "a highly distinguished female singer; a prima donna."  It is Italian from Latin for "Goddess."  "Prima Donna" actually means something like "the leading lady."  When I refer to a "Diva," I'm referring to that current prevalent attitude that includes most of the following:
- extreme selfishness
- shallowness
- over-emphasis upon style and fashion
So, I've determined that I don't want to be a diva and I don't want our Blossoms to be divas.  More on the reasons and the whys and whatnot in the coming days...