Friday, February 8, 2013


#1 - Say Excuse Me.
They will need things.  Someone needs to be wiped.  Someone spilled something.  Maybe someone is at the door.  Approach Mommy nicely and say "Excuse Me, Mommy."  Interruptions are part of life.  I want them to learn how to interrupt gracefully, respectfully and tactfully. 

#2 - Don't tattletale unless someone will get hurt. 
My tattletale rule works well here.  I'm instituting it on this list as well.  Yes, it is ok to scream that your sister may be hanging from the top bunk by one hand and screaming her lungs out.  Yes, I will run like crazy and that will be appropriate.  (No, this hasn't happened here yet.)  However, coming to me, calmly and slowly when your 2 yr old sister is stuck on the ladder to the clubhouse loft, isn't exactly what I had in mind.  (Yes, this has happened here, but don't worry, there are only four rungs on that ladder and no one was hurt in the process.)