Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We need review

It's human nature.  We need to review!  I'm noticing this with my 7yr old, 5yr old and now my 3yr old.  We use to have better behavior while Mommy is on the phone.  We've seen better days of less tattle-tale-ing.  I think it's just human nature, but it doesn't mean I'm prepared to keep that level of disobedience here in our 'appy 'ome.  (Points for you if you just got the subtle Anne Shirley reference!)  Then, I googled it - the phone behavior thing, I mean.  I thought, why reinvent the wheel?  Surely some Mom has some guidelines for what is acceptable for small or young children while Mommy is on the phone.  Google failed me.  It's only ever happened once before... hmmm, so here goes.  I'm inventing the wheel - maybe.  In any case, I'm shooting for peace in our home - even when I'm on the phone.