Thursday, March 28, 2013

Skipper's opinion

Skipper (#3) always has an opinion.  Always.  This particular topic was how often the Blossoms like what Mommy makes for supper.  Now, just so you know, Mommy tries to make palatable food for all.  As long as they aren't gagging over my kid-friendly comfort food type cuisine, I expect them to eat it.  They usually do.  But, sometimes they need a little more convincing than others.  Lately, I was on a roll and it about bowled me over.  I heard positive comments on supper TWO nights in a row AND a few meals in between were approved as well.  Skipper wanted to put in her two cents.  She added, "Mommy, I YIKE yo homemade tupper!"  Complete with a snuggle, it melted Mommy's heart.  :)