Monday, March 25, 2013

To Be or Not To Be A Diva: Flexibility

My thoughts on Divas, Christianity, Women and Girls:

If I stood on a soapbox on the street, it might be a soapbox regarding flexibility.  It's one of my biggest beefs these days with children.  No one is teaching their children flexibility.  Maybe that is leading to the increase in Divahood.  I don't know.  Divas are inflexible. 

"I want a certain something.  Therefore, you must give way to my way... or else I will have a royal fit or I will freeze you alive."

I want our Blossoms to know that it isn't "their way or the highway."  Who cares if you have orange Gatorade or blue Gatorade?  It doesn't matter if you're first, second, third or last in line.  It's not important if you're candy is smaller or bigger than your sister's...  They've gotta learn to give a little, as my Mom used to say.  We aren't doing our children any favors when we allow them and encourage them to be inflexible.  Being flexible is about learning to prefer others higher than yourself.  Be flexible in your wants, desires and needs.  The only inflexibility tolerated and encouraged here is when it comes to God's way.  We don't budge there.  And by His grace, may the Blossoms never budge.