Friday, March 8, 2013

To Be or Not To Be A Diva: Divahood comes naturally

My thoughts on Divas, Christianity, Women and Girls:

Divahood comes naturally.  I think that.  I really do. One of the best tidbits of wisdom I ever heard from another Godly mom was for me to realize that the nature of Adam will automatically manifest in your children.  It will.  They will hit, though they've never seen you hit anything.  They'll bite, kick, throw fits, scowl, yell, etc., whether they've ever seen it at home or not.  It's the sinful nature coming out.  And, as a Christian parent, it's my job to deal with it and drive it far from them (Proverbs 22:15).  So, I think a lot of young ladies turn into divas because the selfish, shallow, I-problem they have was never properly dealt with at an early age.  That isn't always the case though.  Perhaps some were placid children, but flesh given room will grow... kinda like Fibrileus Maximus (forgive the very juvenile Veggie Tales example, but it just fits here).  So, that's my thinking on divahood.  My Blossoms will automatically start to be selfish and perhaps vain.  (It's hard for me to say that.)  It is my job to deal with it.  It is my job to help them see that it is normal to please Jesus.  It is my job to see that they know that modesty is normal, good, right and not a burden.  It is my job to help them find something bigger than fashion - something eternal.  It is my job to help them crucify their flesh.  It is my job to guide them in developing a gentle and quiet spirit - one that God is pleased with and can use in His service.  Why not start young?  A little diva is easier to cure than a big diva, wouldn't you say?