Monday, March 11, 2013

To Be or Not To Be A Diva: I stopped making excuses

My thoughts on Divas, Christianity, Women and Girls:

The whole Divahood issue has been boiling in me for some time.  I finally stopped making excuses for divas I knew and I stopped making excuses for any of the ungodly tendencies I found in myself.  It's wrong.  It is counter to the Bible.  God doesn't want me to be a diva, in any way, shape or form and He doesn't want our Blossoms to be divas.  How do we keep them from becoming divas?  I'd like to share a few of the things that came to mind as I dwelt upon this question, not from a perspective that "Oh my gosh, I have this all figured out," but more from the perspective of, "Here's what we're shooting for and why, and maybe it'll help you too."  I humbly offer these points.