Friday, March 21, 2014

Double-Teaming and Doing What Needs Done

Due to a concept called "Double-Teaming," some mornings just don't go as planned.  I'm not talking about sports either.  I'm talking about that mysterious phenomenon that causes small children to awake at exactly alternating times of the night.  And stay awake.  For a while.  'Cause their head hurts.  Or they can't sleep.  Or something like that.  So, sometimes this Mommy just takes sleep whenever she can get it. 

<Newsflash:  Mommies have to be able to function.>

I rolled over at 7:45am and was greeted by two more smiling Blossoms (aside from the Baby Blossom and Blossom3 that were already in my bed), and I reluctantly met the day. 

"We have a surprise for you, Mommy!"

Like little elves, they'd been busy.  They had set the table, prepared breakfast, folded the last load of wash that I hadn't been able to tackle last night and fed all the animals. 

Now THAT'S the way to start the day.  This Mommy heart was overflowing with gratitude.  I'm pretty sure I have the best Blossoms ever