Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tometimes you get mad...

The other night, I had the privilege of just spending time with my "Littles" aka the Blossom Buds.  We were getting snacks in the kitchen.  Baby Blossom was sitting in her high chair enjoying some peanut butter and crackers and Blossom3 was chit-chatting with me at the island. 

"Oops, sorry, Baby Blossom.  Mommy didn't mean to scratch your hand." 

Blossom3 commented, "Mama, I yike when you talk yike dat." 

I didn't quite catch her meaning, plus she's a bit congested, which has been making it even more difficult to understand her cute "baby" language.  I responded with an, "Oh ya?" 

"Ya, tometimes, you get mad." 

I gotcha.  A very convicted Mommy realized how important tone of voice is to our Blossoms.  Blossom3 knew the difference.  I know the Word talks about a soft answer, and all of my Mommy friends know the difference between their I'm-a-rested-tender-Mommy voice and the harried-please-don't-ask-me-another-question voice. 

It was humbling.  I responded to Blossom3, "I'm sorry, Honey.  Mommy is still growing up." 

Of course, she's sharp and expressed that how could I still be growing, when Daddy said he's done growing?  I loved that the conversation led into a time where I could explain that our grown-up bodies are done growing, but God wants are spirits to always be growing.  ("Where my 'pirit, Mama?")  Our spirits are the parts that love God.  Yes, God is still changing me and working in me.  I'm growing in patience every day.  And I'm thankful that even a little child can lead me.