Monday, March 24, 2014


Things worked out today so that we forewent naptime and visited the library instead.  It's not something we'll be doing regularly, based on how the "little Blossoms" (the Buds?) responded.  It was harder for Blossom3 to listen to and obey Mommy and Baby Blossom was screeching out protests about everything all evening.  Yes, I reassured myself, I am glad we rarely do that.  Still, there was pristine silence in the house for at least an hour this evening due to the fact that there are scads of new books to read.  However, I think I'm veering away from the intended subject of this post.  Back to this afternoon -

There I sat, in my I-can't-believe-I-skipped-naptime-fog, reading up on 3rd Grade Achievement/Assessment Testing, during Blossom1's piano lesson.  Her piano teacher rounded the corner and asked me if I'd like Blossom1 to go through a Hymn Book to learn hymns. 

"A him book?" I responded with what was probably an empty, foggy look.  Honestly, I was feeling so drowsy, I was having trouble focusing!

Of course, our piano teacher went on to say that maybe I wanted Blossom1 to learn some of the hymns from church.

Bingo.  I was finally on the same page as her.  (Don't laugh!)  My brain went from foggy to fantastically excited in one second!  Hymns!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)  (As they say in this modern language - I heart hymns!)

And, we got the new piano book home and Blossom1 promptly sat down to meander her way through a smattering of new songs. 

I was in the kitchen, tending smoky fried potatoes, a screeching baby and water that didn't want to boil (because I was watching it, of course).  But when those strains of Amazing Grace and Holy Bible, Book Divine wafted to me, they rested me.  Those words... oh, those words!  The lyrics chock-full of rich doctrine and decadent thanks for salvation and the things of God... they just resonated in my spirit.  And, I thought, "This must be one of the ways a daughter brings blessing to me and to us." 

I am so looking forward to more of this.