Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I always find it encouraging being with my sisters in Christ.  I get little morsels, little reminders, that God uses to direct my heart and thoughts, even when I'm not conscious of it.

One sister in the Lord mentioned that the Lord was reviewing abiding in Christ with her.  Yesterday I found a song in my heart and a prayer on my lips many times.  Her words had been a good reminder for me.

Another sister is having a hard time and it reminded me to be thankful for my imperfect husband.  He's wonderful, but he's human. (So am I.  Somehow, we often forget that fact when we focus on our husband's imperfections.)  Gratitude can put so many things in perspective.

When I spoke with another sister in Christ, we both realized how the internet has changed over the years.  It was easier to be disciplined when dial-up required an alotted time... and then you just got off.  Wi-Fi, being always on, has blurred the lines.  All info is right there and most of us have no idea how much time we're actually spending on it.  It makes me go back to my parents' rule from when we were kids.  You don't read anything or watch anything until you've read your Bible first.  It's simplifying the priorities of what goes into you.  Just thought you'd like to chew on those morsels too.  Be blessed!