Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

We're Daddy Adorers here.  All of us.  So, when Daddy wants to get away just to do a little fishin' or something, we're all heartbroken.  Or almost heartbroken anyway... and a little dramatic about it, but hey, with four Blossoms... what do you expect?  We're the Daddy Fan Club after all.  So, this weekend, I set out to make it fun, even without Daddy being around. 

Friday night kicked off with pizza out with Grandma.  I've always loved Dives... Hole In the Wall type restaurants.  There's one drawback.  The high chairs don't always have safety straps.  I realize that some children never realize this fact.  Sort've like the hog that's held in by an electric fence that's never turned on after the 2 weeks he was shocked by it when he was a piglet.  This concept doesn't work for my Blossoms though.  Baby Blossom instinctively knew that there was no child restraint straps.  My friends, she was out of that high chair and crawling across the table in one half of a second.  So, I tied her in with her hat and a blanket.  Oh yes I did.  The pizza was awesome, by the way.  And then, Grandma Game Night (as opposed to Family Game Night).  Want some laughs?  Try playing Charades with an 8yr old, 6yr old and 4yr old.  Oh, and Pick Up Sticks - with pretzel sticks.  Fun!  And tasty too!

Saturday morning dawned with a fun breakfast.  Monsters Inc cereal - on special from the local bent-n-dent store - bursting with marshmallows and sugary goodness.  I manage to work on some invites for my sis-in-law's baby shower and then we loaded up to head out to a local Doll Clothes Store.  It was amazing!  Proof positive that American Girl dollies don't have to be dressed up in expensive clothes and accessories to be fun.  I believe they declared it, "The Best Place On Earth."  Believe it or not, I enjoyed walking around the store 10+ times so every Blossom could decide what they were buying with their money.  (That and the fact that my little girl self enjoyed the dolly ball gowns and teal cowboy boots and such.)

Home for lunch... mmmmm, boxed mac n cheese... do you see a theme here?  Easy food = happy mommy and happy Blossoms... and RELAXED Mommy... after naptime, voila - it's gorgeous outside... hmmmm... I loaded up the muddy bikes and off we drove to the park for some bike-riding.  I can't believe how much Blossom3 improved since last summer.  I couldn't keep up to her anymore, which probably means she doesn't need me... sniff, sniff.  Fresh air and smiling Blossoms.  Wow.  So enjoyable.  Back home to start supper of Mozzerella Sticks and veggiesm (easy food!) and get them in the shower and watch Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang. 

Ya, we missed Daddy.  But, I enjoyed them.  I tried hard not to work.  (Yes, this is very difficult for me.) And I tried to slow down and do stuff with them.  So, so, so, so enjoyable.  And wonder of wonders, Daddy came home early next afternoon.  WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND!