Monday, April 7, 2014

What Friends Do

During a particularly trying/tiring week of sick children, a friend offered the following assistance.  It brought a smile to my face in more ways than one!  The subject line of her email was "", her fictitious ministry name!  :)

Dear Dominique,

 It has recently come to our attention that you have put in a tremendous amount of overtime this week caring for your sick wee ones. Your name has been entered  in a drawing and subsequently selected to receive our special grand prize for such weeks.
We have selected two choices of a homemade dinner that you may choose from.
They are the following:

Chicken pot pie and salad
With a dessert of lemon  creamcheese bars and a single serving of coconut custard pie( that's for just you)


Sesame chicken
Stir fried rice
Sesame green beans
With the same dessert

We offer free delivery to be brought to your church on Sunday.

Please be advised :
Our ministry does not take no for an answer- hehe
Please notify us promptly with your reply.

In Christ's service,
 Betty Crocker - director of operations