Friday, April 11, 2014

Of water, time and stewardship

Yesterday, I took the Blossoms for a walk.  As Blossom3 is the last girlie to recover from a recent cold-turned-torturous sickness, we dawdled by the creek, rather than meandering to the fish hatchery as we planned.  (Poor bigger Blossoms!  They were trying hard to be selfless, but it was rough!  They had their hearts set on a good, long walk.)  I stood beside the peaceful waters, soaking some P&Q (Peace & Quiet) into my soul, letting God talk to my spirit, interspersing spiritual things with cries of,

"Stay out of the water." 
"Don't get your feet wet." 
"No, larger stepping stones do NOT make it ok to be in the water."
(I should make shirts that say, "You can't keep a country girl out of her creek.)

All photo Credit to my creatively talented Sister!

I thought, "Water is like time.  It just keeps going, no matter what."  Maybe that's not new revelation to you, but it's sobering to me.  I let my gaze linger - truly linger - on the four beautiful Blossoms that we call our own.  Such an abundance of blessings.  It amazes me.  And the thought of the time that just keeps passing, with me, powerless to stop it, even for a moment, makes me grasp after what truly matters more diligently than ever.  I am a steward of this time I've been given with these precious gems.  How badly I long to hear, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant" in the end!