Friday, April 18, 2014

More on the Sign

If you read on Wednesday, you noticed that I was talking about the sign that read, "Be known for what you stand FOR, rather than what you stand AGAINST."

It's thought provoking.  My thoughts turned to child-rearing.  In my "socially-deprived" homeschooling childhood (I wish you could hear the sarcasm in my voice when I say "socially-deprived"), I've been around a lot of people - all kinds of people.  All-out heathen.  Proclaiming, but not practicing Christians.  Christian families with wayward children.  Real Christians.  All sorts of people.  One kind I remember observing were families who only knew what they couldn't do.  Various daughters were my playmates at one point.  I remember - they only knew what they couldn't watch.  What they couldn't wear.  Etc.  My young mind picked up on that.  There were restrictions on my childhood too... what I couldn't wear and what I couldn't watch, but I don't remember it being about that.  I wasn't obsessed with the COULDN'T.  There was too much I COULD do.  There were plenty of things I could wear.  There was still plenty of fun and good times to keep me busy.  What I'm getting at is that I want our children to understand our standards of Holiness.  That they are good, right, reasonable, sensible and pleasing to God.  It's like my Dad's standard saying, "You don't have to, you GET to." 

Girlies, you don't HAVE to be holy.  You GET to be holy. 

I do want our children to know what we stand for, more than what we stand against.  But, you gotta know that standing for something, is going to mean you are standing against some things.  So, if some people think that us and ours only stand against stuff, I'm fine with that.  I know the truth of what we live at home.  We're standing for Holiness, until the glorious day of the Rapture, by God's grace.