Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Sign

I saw a sign the other day.  It said,

"Be know for what you stand FOR, rather than what you stand AGAINST."  It's a great idea, in concept at least. 

It often doesn't pan out as I'd like though.  Let me explain.  Practical Holiness is really important to me, very near and dear to my heart.  It drives what I do every day.  How I talk.  What I wear.  What I think about.  What I do with our children.  How I treat my husband.  Everything is connected to it.  Holiness is what I stand FOR.  However, not everyone likes holiness.  It convicts them.  All they can see is the finger it (super)naturally points to what doesn't align in their own life.  I rarely have to say anything any more, or if I do, it isn't in a confrontation.  It's just me talking about life in general.  It's just that people know how I live, what I stand for and what matters to me.  But, when something convicts them, they only notice what they can't do, what they can't wear, where they can't go... they only remember what I stand AGAINST.  (They think, "There's Dominique, the girl that thinks my shirt is too low.)  That's not my fault.  I live every day, striving after holiness.  Something beautiful... this process of becoming holier every day (it's actually called sanctification) is a joyous process mostly.  Sure, when the Holy Spirit convicts, it can be painful, but mostly the whole thing is just about pleasing Him.  Yes, I stand for Holiness.  I'm really not sorry that it reminds you of what I stand against.