Friday, April 25, 2014

Babies Grow. Why is that?

I've heard so many folks say that the baby stage is SO long.  I whole-heartedly disagree.  It's too short.  The Rugged Mountain Man and I tend to cram as much cuddling and cooing over our babies in as we can.  And yet, they insist on growing.  (Despite Grandpa's promises of a quarter if she'd stop growing.)  Which is why the day-to-day is so important.  Making every day count.  I look back over the past year with BabyBlossom.  I've given all of myself and then some... every day.  She knows I love her.  She knows she'll get what she needs.  She knows who to come to with her concerns.

Photo Credit to My Generous Sister

Little "Tod" (short for Toddler) toddle-marches over to me with her latest treasure, her most recent concern, her newest request (in baby gibberish, of course) or seeking out a little snuggle or a shot of milkie.  It's a foundation of trust.  I guess I'm sorta like home base.  It's beautiful.  Being that to her this past year, reminds me to keep being that to our other three Blossoms too - only in the "bigger" girl version.  Being that home base, being that trustworthy, listening ear, being that springboard of encouragement or just being the caressing arm over their shoulder.  The overwhelming message to our girlies is this:

This is what love looks like. 
This is where you find it. 
You're safe. 
You're loved. 
We're leading you through life. 
Keep following. 
Stay in this precious circle. 

May the Lord be pleased in this daily love we model.