Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Current favorite pastimes:
Baby Blossom -
Gleefully slamming cupboard doors.
 Pulling compost buckets out of the kitchen cabinet and smacking lips while trying to get the buckets open.  Though that cupboard door is usually tied shut, she is very much an opportunist, biding her time til the doors are open.

Blossom3 -
Following mommy around the house, asking "What letter next, mama?" This so she can repeatedly write names all over her white board slate.  Letters are her "thang!"

Blossom2 & Blossom1 -
Discussing (squabbling?) which theme to have for their annual joint birthday party (which isn't til August!!!!)  "How about a Western leopard print party???" (That'd be unique!)

Blossom2 -
Telling us all about the most recent bok she has finished - The Blue Bay Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner (A Boxcar Children book).

Blossom1 -
Rereading a stack of 8 anthologies so she can find the one particular short story she remembers reading in them.