Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Study your husband, that is. 

I was cleaning my purse and I found this old, ratty piece of paper that I carried for years (and years).  It details my shorthand version of my husband's Subway order!

When I dug it out of the recesses of my purse, I thought, "I can't stop studying my husband."  I now have that Subway order memorized, but I never want to quit being a student of the Rugged, Mountain Man. 

The other day I was quizzing him on things he would put in a house if we ever built one from the ground up.  Sometimes the answers were surprising, sometimes enlightening and sometimes I knew exactly what he'd say.  It was a theoretical question, but yet, I learned more about him. 

Studying my husband is a way to always be growing closer and closer.  If I don't make sure we're growing together (by God's grace), who will?  Great marriages don't just happen.  They are built, like a beautiful cathedral is built, brick by brick, with sweat and toil.  You'd be thought to be quite  ridiculous if you believed a cathedral just happened by accident.  Why apply that to marriage?  I encourage you to study the man God gave you.  Better students make better helpmates, in my opinion.