Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Betty Crocker

Next, I’ll talk about Betty Crocker.  Of course, that’s only a fictitious name.  She does resemble Betty Crocker in some respects though.  She loves to bake and to craft.  That’s not in the Bible, you say!  Well, the thing is, she follows the leading of the Spirit to bless people with her culinary creations and crafty-ness.  My sister and I were discussing this gift of Betty Crocker’s and we decided that her gift is generosity.  She is generous toward people with the works of her hands.  (Proverbs 31:13 says that the virtuous woman works with her hands in delight.)  And, she delights in doing this!  She remembers my children’s birthday with clever little crafty gifts.  She often blesses me at the most opportune times with little crafty things or baked goods and whatnot, even notes/words of encouragement.  And, she does this for everyone in our church.  I’m also certain that she has been behind several covert operations to surprise people with little gifts.  Since these gifts are small and usually consumable, this gift is a quiet, behind-the-scenes, invisible sort of gift.  Yes, it is often unrecognized.  But, generosity is listed in Romans 12:8.  My paraphrase is something like this, “Let the person who gives, give liberally.”  She is giving liberally.  And, that giving is so often timely, in a way that encourages people at the exact moment they need it.  She may never know how many people were encouraged at exactly the right time, but they were.  The reward is in Heaven.  Even the invisible gifts are valuable.  Thanks, Betty Crocker.  We need your gift in the Body of Christ.