Friday, October 19, 2012

My Top Ten

People ask me how I feel about homeschooling. 
Here's my current Top Ten Sentimental Perks of Homeschooling:

#1 - I love that Scooter (#2) can wear a red and white striped shirt, pink pants, bare feet, purple beads, teal earrings and bug antennas in her hair and no one bats an eyelid. 

#2 - I love that Skipper (#3) can spontaneously steal a kiss while Mommy explains something. 

#3 - I love that Jake (our Golden Retriever) can and voluntarily chooses to, sleep in the School room on the couch and under our desks while our School is in session.

#4 - I love that Reading time and cuddling time with Scooter (#2) can happen at the same time. 

#5 - I love having to assign extra work because Skeeter (#1) wants more.

#6 - I love that Scooter (#2) is helping to teach Skipper (#3) how to count. 

#7 - I love that happy Blossoms can hum while working and nobody minds.

#8 - I love that Mommy can impulsively draw smileys on Blossoms' bare feet during phonics time.

#9 - I love that Skeeter (#1) learned the lesson of NOT tipping her chair, on a soft carpeted floor, in front of a concerned and unlaughing audience.

#10 - I love that character traits are being developed and cultivated here, together with me.  It's what I dreamed of.