Monday, October 29, 2012

Sprout Mommy

Then, there’s my sister-in-law, the Mommy of my 3 nephew Sprouts.  The first thing my soon-to-be husband said to me about her is, “You’ll like her.  You two will get along well.”  Boy, he was right!  My hands-down, most favorite thing about the Sprout Mommy is that, in the 10+ years I’ve known her, she has NEVER ONCE talked bad about her husband.  NEVER ONCE.  I don’t think she knows how much I appreciate this.  Perhaps you are thinking, “That isn’t a gift.  That’s just self control.”  I’ve concluded that it is really her doing her job in the Body of Christ.  How so?  Check out Titus 2:4, “That they may encourage the young women to love their husbands…”  As a woman, the Sprout Mommy is doing her job, encouraging younger women to love their husbands, simply by her day-in, day-out example.  This culture is not Godly wife or Godly husband friendly.  Period.  What the Sprout Mommy does every day is a big deal to the Body of Christ.  The Body of Christ would be lacking without people like the Sprout Mommy, who are teaching others to love their husband!  Please keep on keepin’ on, Sprout Mommy.  I’m so grateful!