Monday, October 15, 2012

How to deal with Childishness

Thirdly, the HOW. I think this one confounds most people. Oftentimes, myself included! One of our success stories is fixing the laying on the chairs thing and spinning the chairs thing. I warned them that Blossoms who did that, would lose their chair. I did add an extra warning before the consequences came. Then, voila, no chair... standing up for the remainder of the mealtime. Wow. Quick results. Way fewer problems in that area. Now, we need to work on the putting your feet on other people thing. Just ask my oldest nephew. Skipper is the worst about it. I don't like dumb punishments that have nothing to do with the offense... like push-ups or laps. My Blossoms would think that was a silly game. But, sitting is a privilege. If you misuse it, you lose it. I do the same with talking. If you sass, whine, complain, or misuse your words, you lose the privilege of talking for an age-appropriate amount of time. In light of that, maybe if you put your feet/hands on a person, you have to sit still for an age-appropriate amount of time? I'm not sure; I'm just thinking out loud.

I hope I've got you thinking. Childishness isn't spank-worthy, but it does need to be dealt with by training them for the appropriate behavior for the appropriate times and places. And, self control is a life-long attribute they can use. We might as well start developing it now.