Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What to do about Childishness

I've always heard the saying to spank for disobedience and such, not for childishness.  If you notice though, in grocery stores and restaurants, it is often their childishness that drives us crazy.  What to do about it?!?  My sister-in-law and I were just discussing this the other day, as our children (the six cousins) ran crazily and joyfully through the house, enjoying each other's presence immensely.  And we sat philosophizing (loudly - so we could hear ourselves think, over the noise) on how and when and why to do deal with these things that I'll call "childishness." 

First, my reason for dealing with childishness.  My husband says you can't spank for every little thing.  Spankings get old and ineffective then... not too mention, just plain harsh for a case of spinning your chair at the table (as my Blossoms are fond of doing) or singing at the table (as my nephew Sprouts are fond of doing).  However, these are the very things that drive us bonkers in a restaurant.  When they reach their crescendo, my husband and I have dreaded going out to eat!!  So, it's a case of training in the manners department, I believe.  Things that are "harmless" are the very actions that drive us to that sharp tone of voice and that exasperated state of mind.  Why not deal gently with the childishness and expect a reasonable level of orderly behavior at home and out and about so as to curb the things that send us off the deep end as they add up in a day?