Friday, October 26, 2012


I’ll start with Red.  I’ve known her since I was 15 yrs old.  And, her main gift hasn’t changed a bit since then.  It has only gotten stronger.  Red’s gift is people.  She knows everybody’s name.  Really.  In our teenage years, we took a missions trip to the Philippines, where we spent much time at an orphanage there in what they call “The Armpit of the Philippines.”  While each member of our team knew an average of 5-10 names of the people there, Red knew at least 3 times as many of their names.  And, they knew her.  Red is the person that gets up to go talk to the new person that enters the room.  Red is the person that knows ALL your kids’ names.  Red meets people everywhere.  Red remembers what you like.  Red knows details about people that others forget.  Red is the person that cares that your child broke her arm.  She actually feels others’ pain rather keenly, often in a way the rest of us don’t quite relate to.  But, people are her gift and when people hurt, so does Red.  Her gift challenges me to reach out to people.  I get comfortable talking to my own circle of friends.  Watching her reminds me to get up and talk to people.  After all, sharing the Gospel starts with relationships.  And Red is always starting new relationships with anyone and everyone.  Thanks Red.