Friday, September 19, 2014

A lot of people ask...

What do your little ones do while you homeschool? 

That's the most common question I get, by far.  I thought you'd enjoy a humorous look into my daily life.  I've found that "Littles" abide by their own set of rules and I spend my days, helping them to bend to my set of rules (We'll get to that in another post.  For now, some humor.)

Their rules are as follows:

- If it can be dumped, it will be dumped. 

- If it can be climbed, it will be climbed (even if you have to stop your business in the bathroom for a rescue)

- If it has a point on it, it will bitten, chewed and digested.  (leaving you with all non-working markers, no pencils and definitely no erasers)

- If it is hung on the wall and within reach, it will be yanked down.  (So don't buy expensive maps)

- If it is hung on the wall and within reach of any furniture, it will be down.  (Yes, hanging something high, is never high enough.)

- If it is in a stack, it will be scattered.  (Ahem. Sorry, Honey.  That's why the printer paper is all wrinkly.)

- If there is a button, it will be pushed.  Not once, but repeatedly.  (Now we keep the computer closed at all times.)

- If it is small, it will go in the mouth.  (Remember those really cute holiday magnets???  Who thought that was a great idea for a schoolroom?)

- If there is a group working together on the favorite red couch, there will be crowd-surfing and giggling.  (Get a visual of a 16 month old falling backward from the couch arm, onto school books and laps and then wriggling down to run and do it again.)

- If it is a served snack, it will not be eaten.

- If it is a discovered snack, it will be devoured.

- If a Little's naptime would help school time, they'll fight it like sleep would kill 'em.  Then, they'll conk when it doesn't do your school time any good.

- If it can be opened, it will be opened... but never closed. 

- If there is a sippy cup, it will always be missing.

- If there is a favorite toy, concept of previous rule applies.

So, there you have it.  I know what I want the "Littles" to be doing while I work with the "Bigs."  The "Littles" know what they want to be doing while I work with the "Bigs."  We spend the day meshing those two together, coming up with a semblance of order that lets the "Bigs" concentrate, the "Littles" develop their imaginations and Mommy satisfied with everyone's educational progress. 

Another time we'll talk about my real life strategies for getting school done.