Monday, September 22, 2014

A substantial investment

Such a great weekend!  Full of time with family and a few little spurts of creativity. 
We drove approximately two hours and went to see the elk. 
(This pic makes my mama heart go pitter-patter.)

Just lookin' for those elk...

Bingo.  The visitor center boasted 40 elk and we could see them up close!  Have you ever heard elk bugling?  It is best described by watching the caribou scene on "the Polar Express."  THAT'S what elk sound like.  High and musical.  I've actually heard elk from the campfire at our cabin once, although I've never seen the elk there.

In between that field trip, I squeezed in some painting and polyurethaning and such for my sister's upcoming baby shower.  And, I almost broke my husband's radial arm saw. 
Prayer works.  That's all I'm saying. 
We also took a field trip to a local ministry to troubled boys.  A wilderness camp!  So inspiring and such a great work that they're doing there.  It was also good to chum around with our local homeschool pals.
The time with family this weekend was so refreshing.  I happened to run across the story about the professor and the golf ball object lesson.  It's so true.  All the little details can take over everything.  Choose the most important things and let the other stuff fill in the cracks.  The Rugged Mountain Man and I choose to make a substantial investment in our children.  Time.  Time in the truck.  Time at the grocery store.  Time building domino courses.  Time making bracelets.  Lots of time together.  That's how they'll catch what we've got. 
Oh yes, and time for food. 
I love that my husband's hobby includes a smoker and our own micro farm-raised chicken.