Monday, September 15, 2014

Learning Styles & Switching Curricula

There's a frequent misconception amongst homeschoolers and even parents of non-homeschooled children.  It's this: 

If my child does not grasp a concept immediately,

my child either has a problem
my child is in need of different curriculum.

My mom RARELY changed curriculum, even when homeschooling four completely different children with four diverse learning styles.  (I can only think of ONE instance off the top of my head.)  Why?  She realized that a curriculum is just a framework.  Use it as your springboard and supplement for learning styles as needed. 

I was introducing the concept of alphabetization of 4-6 words to Blossom2 and I could tell that she didn't grasp it easily.  She needed something she could touch and hold.  She needed something hands-on.  I didn't throw out her PACE (the insiders' name for a little workbook from Accelerated Christian Education.) 

Instead,  I whipped out some construction paper and jotted down the words.  She could rearrange them as needed.  Problem solved.  Hurdle cleared.  Alphabetization is now cool.

I'm not bragging on my own creativity.  Hardly.  In fact, what I'm trying to say that is that it doesn't take much to help your child adapt to all sorts of curricula.  Just stay on it and think, think, think. 

Of course, maybe she was just having trouble focusing because there was some packing for Grammie's happening in the background. 

That, and a few other "shenanigans."