Friday, September 26, 2014

The (Cold) Days Ahead

I love the scenery around here.  I sweep my gaze across golden soybean-laden fields and I know, there is a God.  It's reassuring.  And something about it just resonates in my spirit.

You all know that I've been trying to walk more and every now and then the Rugged Mountain Man watches the girlies so just Jake and I can set out down our country road. 

I find these times so refreshing... not so much the being away from the Blossoms.  I've never been one that believes that a Mom always needs to get away.  (If God called you there, why do we spend so much time trying to get away or be away?)  It's more than that.  It's more like my front door opens into my prayer closet.  In the stillness I find when I'm walking, I know that He is God. 

And He speaks to me.  I was casting my cares the other day, confessing to Him that I wasn't sure I was ready for colder weather.  I know that seems like such a little thing to say to God, but I was being honest and humble before Him. 

The ease of summer for a mama is so refreshing and it's a good thing in its time.  But, God gave us four seasons.  After my little confession, He reminded me of the virtuous woman.  Proverbs 31.  A chapter I adore. 

She smiles at the days ahead. 

I thanked God for that timely word.  He'll help me to be prepared, both in all the little details I, as this family's domestic engineer, must attend to, AND in my attitude.  Summer isn't the only time of carefree joy for a mama.  I'm thankful that those cold days ahead are times of joy too.  He has so much grace to lavish upon me to do what I'm called to do.  Thank the Lord for that.