Monday, September 8, 2014

A week and some grace

The past week or so has been such an eclectic mix of emotions and experiences that it's hard to solidify a topic or two into a clear blog entry.  I trekked to Wisconsin with my Dad and Blossom4.  Twelve hours in the car on Sunday.  Grandpa's funeral and a few whirlwind visits and then leaving at 2:30am on Tuesday morning to sojourn back home.  Twelve more hours in the car to arrive home by 4pm on Tuesday to the squealing girlies and a very relieved Rugged Mountain Man!

Big breath.

Back at it.  I literally didn't sit when I returned.  (After sitting for 12 hours, I really didn't want to sit.)  I unpacked immediately while fielding a slew of questions from the Beautiful Bountiful Blossom Bunch.  Wednesday we'd be back at it for school and wash and all the usual stuff.  Friday dawned with Blossom3's 7th birthday and all the additional special cooking that that entails, plus school, plus the daily chores, plus some planning for the long-awaited birthday party happening on Saturday.  Then, making the birthday party come to fruition and Sunday, rest, rest, rest.

And somehow, I can't seem to sum up my emotions and I'm not sure that it matters.  I feel overwhelmed by the wealth of things to do this week.  So much garden harvest to deal with, but that's something to be thankful for.  Then, there's some disciplinary issues to contend with, but thank God for girlies.  It oughtn't to a burden, just another part of my job as the mama.  And my own journey to exercise patience is on my mind.  God is still working in me.  The temptation is to drag and be down, but God only disciplines the child He loves!!!  Then, the amount of cleaning and chores to do impose upon me while I'm tempted to cower in the corner, but thank God for such a nice house!  I'm glad He chose me to be a steward of it.  The devil wants me to see the massive amount of these things; God wants me to see the opportunity for obedience and excellence in them.  Additionally, there's the opportunity for His grace to surge under me like a tide.  Without His grace, without the Holy Spirit's power to do God's will, I run to the corner and watch all this stuff mount larger and larger.  With it, "I can run through a troop; I can leap over a wall... Hallelujah, O, Hallelujah!" (If you'll permit me to quote one of the old songs...)

Now, off I go, to engineer the littles to naptime, the lunch remains to their rightful places and the bigs to a little more schoolwork. 

Grace to you, my friends!