Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Get Persian with me!

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming for an update...  a cartoon?  a comedy?  Something like that.
I promise you folks that I truly do watch my children.  I don't actually know how to watch them any closer, like maybe don't do any work and follow them around, but hey, that's not happening.  There have been so many instances (solved and unsolved) lately that when investigated, come right down to Blossom4.  White-out all through three rooms of our house.  Marker on the window and sill (Mr. Crayola is a genius for making those washable things).  Gum in Rory's fur.  Yep, more Blossom4. 

I'm putting supper together as we speak.  I went to settle a dispute between Rory and Blossom4.  I started to walk away, thinking it was resolved, only to discover the contents of a tea bag evenly dispersed across the couch.  I was in the same room as her, people.  If Blossom4 was a cartoon character, she'd be a dainty, Pixie-type innocent version of Speedy Gonzales or Road-Runner. 

"Beep-beep!"  Vrooooooom.  Flash. 

And all I can say is now, what did she do?

I mean, the dust buster has cleaned up so many Blossom4 related messes lately that he rebelled and started spitting the messes back out.  Seriously?  I need you on my side, man!  Rather than bemoan the fate of the couch or the fact that the static is keeping most of the fragrant little pieces from being removed from that lovely micro-fiber "kid-friendly" couch, I decided that we're going all Persian here. 

C'mon on over, friends.  We'll treat you like the Queen of Persia and let you sit on a herb-and-spice perfumed couch. 

That's the reality here.  Off she goes again.  I wonder if I burnt supper...  :)