Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Wonder of the Zippered Pouches

Hello friends! 

Coming soon, more on the things I got to share Sunday morning to our church body.  Blossom4 has needed a whole lotta extra attention lately (massive understatement of the century) and Blossom3 came down with a cold.  "Mama, just sit by me on the couch, ok?"  Yep, this mama has been doing lots of mama-ing.  Today was supposed to be a ketchup day.  My brain is still saying that I "mustard" on all my backlog!  lol  Sorry.  It's in the genes.  When you're tired, giddy or a little of each, the puns kick in.  In any case, my post will have to wait a day or two. 

However, I did want to mention that you all should head over to Angelique's blog, Where the Piggy Toes Go.  I shared before that I loved her sock bun tutorial.  This time, she spills the beans about what's in her purse.  What's so amazing is her little zippered pouches organizing system!  I was already reorganizing our travel cosmetics bag with this system.  I snagged a handful of zippered pouches from the Dollar Tree, thinking I'd have extras.  When I realized the brilliance of her system, I put it into practice in my purse.  Hurray for a mama being able to find stuff in her purse, right?!  Now, I just need to head to the Dollar Tree again!  :)

Be blessed, my friends.  Can't wait to share more thoughts with you soon.  For now, I think I'll plunge into bed...