Friday, March 20, 2015

Winter Cabin Trip

We recently trekked to our cabin for a Winter Trip.  The Rugged Mountain Man and I did this regularly before the Blossoms came on the scene.  However, with the Little Blossoms, we felt it isn't always the best place to spend cold winter days and nights.  They didn't understand things like, "You can't go in the creek" and "You have to wear 10 lbs of clothing to go outside and do anything."  In any case, we feel like a more winter-cabin-experience-season is upon us, so we ventured!

In my mind, any cabin trip that starts with a tray full of homemade Peanut Butter Eggs is gonna be a good one!

Once, when the Rugged Mountain Man and I went in January, the creek was frozen over in a beautiful shade of icy aqua color.  I've never seen its match in icy creek beauty since then.  These crystals beside the "Fords of Beruna" (as we call them) were stunning.  I might've stepped right on them, but Blossom2 was astounded by the intricacy of the ice crystals.

Creekside fun!!!

Daddy supervised the older girlies' outing to the creek later on.  That's when Blossom1 and Blossom2 hacked off an ice raft and floated it down the more shallow section of the creek.  Of course, they ended up soaked, but when you've got a (large) coal stove heating a (small) cabin, drying things is no big deal.  Mommy has become much more chill about this sort of thing.  I just make sure they packed enough extra pairs of cruddy clothes for adventures such as this. 

Rory was enjoying checking out the snow-covered landscape.  While we expected there to be more snow there, we were wowed by the fact that there was still a foot of heavy slushy snow on the ground. 

Aren't these jeweled branches just exquisite?  They're God's Christmas lights!

The familiarity of these views always brings peace as I gaze and listen to the creek's gurgle, combined with the Blossoms' shouts of delight.

The Blossoms are always up for a walk down the lane. 

This is Rory's best attempt at camouflage... right before Blossom4 fell headlong in another puddle, so we headed back to the cabin to get her into dry clothes. 

It was a terrific time of cozy fires, adventure, times of discussing the Word and enjoying our family in the middle of nowhere.  Love it!!!  :)