Friday, July 1, 2016

An Old Enemy; A New Trap

The commonly heard phrase "Comparison sucks your joy" is oh so very true.  Social media has proven it time and again.  You're content, until you see how much better somebody else's life is.  Comparison can make you feel inferior. 


A topic not often tackled is how comparison can make you feel superior.  Where does that road lead?   I'll readily admit that I feel free to privately analyze the lives of those around me.  I weigh the decisions of folks and learn.  It is discerning to do so.  If a friend is doing something right and Godly, I strive to emulate it.  If someone is making a poor or sinful decision, I don't mind their lives being a warning to mine.  It is infinitely wiser to first learn from the mistakes of others, before being forced to learn from your own mistakes.

The wisdom of this right judgment ends when the learning ceases and criticism begins. 

"But I didn't say a word." 

Critical words will eventually sprout from a critical heart. 

The path from weighing the life decisions of others to a critical heart and the eventually following critical words is often a short path.  As I mull over life lessons, I've realized that the moment I focus on someone else's decisions, feeling mine are better than theirs, I stop focusing on our own family's decisions. 

Comparison stills your momentum toward your God given goal.

As soon as I cease learning from others, and start feeling superior, my focus goes off what the Lord has called ME to do.  I stop thinking of the vision and corresponding decisions for THIS family.  I take my eyes off the goal. 

I'm learning to beware of this little known comparison trap.

Comparison halts your progress.  Comparison derails your journey.  Comparison distracts from your goal.  Doing what God wants me to do takes loads of gumption and plenty of diligence. 

Wifin' and mommin' ain't easy. 

Every ounce of grace is needed.  Not one moment can be wasted being distracted by another's life and decisions.  So, while I will continue to learn from others' decisions, I'm striving to keep my heart following the Spirit down the path He wants for this family.

PS - All photos from our recent cabin jaunt.