Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What first?

I read this post on Living Well, Spending Less.  It was a terrific and well written reminder to do the most important things first.  For moms, that's easier said than done.  A mom's morning often plays out like this:

You're trying to have a morning quiet time, enjoying the peace and quiet with your morning cuppa, only to be interrupted by having to strip down a peed in bed.  Then, inevitably, the dog pukes.  Of course, after that, the children act like it's been DAYS since they last ate.  Next, the phone rings and you're in the throes of resolving that issue.  Next, you receive news from two blond farm hands, that a chicken has a torn wattle.  And, you're not even dressed yet! 

This verse struck me this morning. 

"...being careful to engage in good deeds,
things that are good and profitable to others." 
(Titus 3:8, my paraphrase)

Yes, despite my best efforts, my mornings sometimes look like the above.  I know you can relate.  I'm determined to do the most important things first.  Those things that matter so much to the Rugged Mountain Man and me - I'll keep bumping them to the top of the list, to the freshest parts of my day. 

I want to pay attention to doing good, doing right, doing God's will.