Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sew Worth It

We've been in the throes of fair preparation.  The season has changed a little from my baby gorilla phase.  A little.  However, the chaos surrounding completing projects continues.  At the beginning of the day yesterday, I actually brainstormed activities for the littles to do while I supervised Blossom3 & Blossom4's creative ventures. 
I've decided that I'm truly done with play-doh.  It was set up outside and yet, there is still play-doh in my carpet.  #lowmesstolerance  In any case, my plan worked and we made progress yesterday.  Thank the Lord for wisdom for a mom's life.  The times of sewing with the girls have been sweet, despite the constant chaos.  Blossom2 declared it "the best day ever!"  Blossom1 kept saying, "I'm so glad you're teaching me to sew."  It makes it "sew" worth it. 
It's funny, this "little" project has served to remind me of purposeful living and purposeful parenting.  I've been reminded afresh to make decisions with the end in mind.  In this case, it's important to us that our girls have life skills, sewing being one of them.  With that end in mind, we chose a sewing project to stretch and enrich their current skills.  Yes, that means time.  Yes, it means money.  #haveyouseenthepriceoffabriclately  The end results will be skill mastery. 
And, true to the spirit of "littles," they are anxiously awaiting when Mama starts on their dresses.  So, I'm gonna go make breakfast now.  I'll ward off the "when are you gonna make my p'oject?" with the same response I've used for the last two weeks, plus a smile.  Lots of steady plodding going on around here, friends.