Thursday, July 28, 2016


Last week and this week have been thoroughly and completely demanding weeks, and not just because the Fair is coming up.  At the beginning of last week, I looked at what needed to be done and how much time there was to do it and thought that the only way to accomplish what was needed was to soak especially in God's grace and strength.  I literally made seven checkboxes and made it a priority to spend time with God each day.  Honestly, when I get crazy busy, the temptation is always to cut my time with God.  Tell me you are often tempted to do the same.  But,

"Every morning lean your arm upon the window sill of Heaven.  Then, lean strong to meet your day." 

His strength richly supplied all we needed to come through to the glory of God and I am still relying on that strength this week.

I needed reminders throughout the day too, so I went back to one of my teenage/twenties years' methods of reminding myself of Truth ~ index cards in highly visible places!  One of these cards says, "I am thankful that I have the Holy Spirit to grace me in all the difficult things I must do today."  Such perfect and succinct reminders of Truth for me as I go about my day!

Here's my brain dump for the upcoming 10 days of the Fair whirlwind.  I've been trying to be wise by stocking good snacks and cooking some make-ahead ingredients/meals, in addition to all our other prep.  I want to enjoy this week with the girlies.  I despise being a monster mommy and when I'm overwhelmed, I turn into one.  #justsayin
I'm totally loving this quote from our Keys for Kids devotional yesterday.  (Blossom3 told me today that she LOVES Keys for Kids. #winwin)  It's helping me keep everything in perspective, especially as I try to do the most important things first each day. 
"Only one life, 'twill soon be past. 
Only what's done for Christ will last." 
Tomorrow all the country girl fun begins.  The whole family will help wrangle 30+ animals over to the fairgrounds for "roundup."  It's the first year taking rabbits AND chickens to the Fair, so even the Rugged Mountain Man is helping out.  #applausefortheman  Then, we'll head back later to do face to face interviews/judging and book check and other such 4-H details. 
I'll be keeping in touch.  Now, I'd better go get the green and white fabric cut into strips for rabbit and chicken pen decorations.  #countrygirlfun