Monday, July 18, 2016

Yelling, Waterfalls & Perfect Timing

You knew that I prepared for Friday to be a great day.  Though the Texas Sheet Cake did not disappoint, that day did not go as I expected.

As I was waiting in a 3 ft radius of gravel on a back road in order to get one bar of cell reception, a lady on a horse yelled what she believed were State Forest regulations at me.  She yelled a lot.  And that is most definitely the short, tactful version of a story that concluded with me behind the closed window of my truck, smiling a genuine smile and saying, "Have a nice day," when she didn't want to just leave it be. 

I am happy to say that my sister in law did not get lost and neither did I. 
My relief on that score faded quickly as I was turning around on the back road.  My steering wheel was turning, but my tires weren't.  #imconfused
My faithful truck broke down. 
In the middle of nowhere. 
Right in the spot where we had cell reception. 
As my sister in law was driving up.

Clearly, after a phone call to Daddy to make arrangements for the tow truck, we still went about our venture.

And it was a glorious day.  The fellowship.  The joy.  The fresh air.  The utter serenity.  The laughter.  The jokes.  The adventure.  The perfection of it all. 
I'm breathing another sigh of happiness as I recall the "This is the best playdate ever!" comments.

After my sister in law adventurously stuffed her three Sprouts, my four Blossoms, herself, myself and my two (very large) dogs into her gypsy wagon, we journeyed homeward. 

The Rugged Mountain Man and our neighbor put their heads together on what's the matter with the truck. 

I'll spare you the gory mechanical details and just say that it's a big deal AND if it had happened when I was going 60 mph down the interstate, the results could have been disastrous. 

It could have been utterly devastating.

I have been nothing but soberly grateful ever since. 

Looking back over the circumstances of the last two months, we've had a slew of extra highway driving and trips. 

And yet, our truck broke down on a back road, when I was doing a three point turn, moving at a snail's pace.

This is why I can not be argued out of my faith in my God.
I've experienced His miraculous care and power personally time and again throughout my life. 
God will move in and guide your life, if you'll only surrender it completely to Him.